Thursday, December 27, 2007

Auction for Just Vonna

"Prayer for Peace"

A dear friend unexpectedly lost her young adult son over the Thanksgiving holiday. Most of you may already know her. . .Her name is Vonna Maslanka. It's my understanding that her son, Jonathan, did not have life insurance so Vonna and her family had to cover those expenses on their own.

Marilyn Peraza is hosting the auction and several very talented bead makers gave their beads in hopes to help Vonna. In the past, Vonna has been one to bend over backwards to help others within our community so I hope that her auction does very well. She deserves no less.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

This year, my husband and I are staying home for the holidays. We had planned to spend Christmas in CA with my husband's family but couldn't work it out so we will hope to get there next year.

Normally, since we couldn't go to CA, I would choose to make the trip home to my mom's ranch for the holiday. However, my daughter has to work on Christmas Eve, as well as the day after Christmas. Rather than hustle and bustle, a nice Christmas dinner at home seemed like a beautiful idea so that is how we are going to spend our holiday.

I have been thinking lately about how lucky I am to be a full time bead artisan. Many of those thanks go out to you . . . Thank you for the encouragement, kind words, and of course, thank you for purchasing my beads because without you, I would be sitting behind some desk in a cold office building, wondering if I would ever find my place in this world.

From my family to yours, have a very happy holiday and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thinking of Cheri Blum

Just recently, I was thinking of one of artists that I always found to be so incredibly inspiring. As a muralist, and lover of Italian frescoes I simply adored her work. . .The seemingly time washed background textures that she created on her canvases was only one of the elements of her work that I so appreciated. She was truly gifted and her work continues to inspire me even though she is no longer with us. When I read about her untimely passing in 2003, I broke down in tears. To this day, I miss looking forward to seeing new work from her, but will always treasure the inspiration that she left behind.

Her hydrangea paintings were my favorite. I have tried time and time again to create something as beautiful but Cheri was no doubt, in a class of her own. I am sure she is greatly missed by all that adored her. Hopefully I'm not violating any copyright laws by linking to this photo.

Monday, November 5, 2007

No more excuses. . .I HAVE to walk now.

So, there I was. . . Walking through Walmart with Mr. Muell, pushing a cart full of stuff that I didn't really need, when suddenly I saw it. At first, I thought it must be bathed in the white light of the Holy spirit because it just seemed to beacon me toward it. . . As I approached the seemingly blessed object, I realized that the white light was nothing more than ultra strength florescent lighting. Still yet, I decided that it must be a sign. For I HAD to buy that treadmill. It was on clearance, which further drove the point home.

Mark and I checked out the treadmill and it seemed to be a fabulous model at a more than reasonable price. We looked beneath the pedestal that it sat upon but to our disappointment, Walmart had sold out of that particular model. With heavy hearts, we began to walk away in pursuit of other unnecessary sundries. (For example, I later purchased a whiteboard for my office. Did I REALLY need that? NOPE but it sure looks cool hanging in here, just in case I get the sudden urge to doodle, erase and doodle some more.)

Just as we were about to walk away, we began to scan the attire of stander's by in hopes that one of them would be wearing a blue "Walmart" apron. No such luck. . . It seems that you only see them when they have the isle blocked with something and they need for YOU to move so that they can get by. lol Anyway, after playing the Walmart version of "Where's Waldo", we finally found someone that could help us. To my delight, she offered us the display model while cautioning that the manual had gone missing at some point. HUH!!! I didn't care. I didn't even ask for a bigger discount. I just want to be able to take a brisk walk while I watch Judge Judy.

Later in the afternoon, we finally arrived home with the object that would help us to recover from our couch potatoasitis. Mark positioned it perfectly in the corner of our living room, plugged it, turned it on and . . .NOTHING!! NOTHING!! It did not work. Oh, but he was determined to NOT return this big piece of equipment to Walmart for a refund. He's too smart for that and he doesn't give up without a fight. He took it a part and looked at the onboard computer so that he could be sure that everything was plugged in where it should be.

Yep, according to him everything looked fine. A little red light was on and that told him that the unit was getting power. . . "SO what's the problem? Why isn't the motor turning? Why won't the computer display come on?!!!" He shouted. After an hour of frustration in trying to figure our what was wrong with the seemingly cursed treadmill, he decided that it time to consult Google. After much research on the model number, he found out that there is a key that has to be plugged into a slot in the treadmill in order for it to work. It's this little do-hicky thingamabob that exists as a safety feature. I think it keeps people from being flung off of the belt incase they decide to step onto it when it's moving at break-neck speed.

I bet the little key thing was in the packet of paperwork that was lost, that I coincidentally said I didn't think I needed. Actually, my statement to the Walmart employee that sold us the treadmill was, "No paperwork? Who cares. . .I'll take it!!" Luckily I have a pretty smart husband. He rewired the panel so that it works without the key.

After all of that drama, here I am writing about it instead of getting my morning exercise. lol

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Careful what you wish for. . .

Ah. . Rain and cool weather. Our severe drought has been quenched quite a bit over the past few days. That's a beautiful thing. . . We needed it very badly, as most of the counties in our region had put forth mandatory water restrictions. I hear this morning that some of those restrictions have been lifted. Having said all of this, it's been 5 days since I've been able to go for my morning jog. I can feel it too. . .I think I might need to save my pennies to buy a treadmill or maybe I could use that elliptical that sits in my basement collecting layers of dust?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October? Nuh uh.

As I stepped out this morning to go on my daily walk/jog, I couldn't believe how damp and warm the air felt. Is it really October? This is my most favorite month of the year. . . I look forward to the crisp-feeling, clean-smelling air that Fall has to offer. The nostalgia can be almost overwhelming on a 68 degree day in mid October. . .The cool air licking the back of your neck as sweatshirt cuffed wrists reach up to rub down the chill before it crawls down your back. The humidity that you loath has packed it's bags and retreated south, leaving only clear blue skies and puffy white clouds with sparkling silver linings. Falling leaves are a welcome distraction from the almost infinite skyline as they float slowly to the ground. The fact that they will need to raked is of little importance on a day such as this. . . Where the heck is this day? It's October 9th, yet it still feels that we are in the midst of the "Dog Days of Summer".

The would-be Autumn leaves even seem to be a bit confused. The Fall season is predicted to be exceptionally beautiful due the relentless drought that our region is suffering. It seems that the Maples and Oaks have not received the memo because they are still green. Not a fantastic green either but more of a sad, "Please give me water" green. Oh how I yearn for the vibrant yellows, reds and magentas! Today we are expecting to receive another record breaking day in terms of temperature. High of 93 degrees and NO rain in sight. On the upside, the bins at the Farmer's Market continue to flow over with homegrown tomatoes and yellow squash. :-)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi All!!!

Hi all!! This past month has been a bit crazy. Recently my daughter moved back home. As a mom, I couldn't be more thrilled but it has taken a bit to get used to since I've been an "empty-nester" for a year now. She still kicks her shoes off in the middle of the floor and doesn't put them away unless I tell her to so I guess some things never change. Remembering to add junk food to the grocery list is also something that I am trying to get used to. BLECH. . .Real Pepsi with sugar and I can't seem to keep enough ketchup these days. Still yet, it is wonderful to hear the laughter again and her presence brings me great joy.

Now for a little "bead" talk. . . For awhile now, I have been thinking of switching over to 96 coe glasses. I've been playing with Reichenbach a bit and I have to admit that I am simply in awe of some of the colors they have to offer. The color density is so rich that it seduced me into placing an order for a bunch of it this morning. I can't wait till it gets here so that I can enjoy playing "get to know ya".

Lately I have been struggling with inspiration so I've been revisiting and updating old designs. Sometimes, I can find a really awesome new idea when I do that because I will have learned something along the way that will make the old designs look fresh and new. The silhouette style of beads that feature the black classic motif is one that I never wanted to let go of. I still felt that there was much that I could do to enhance the look but couldn't figure out just how to do it. I don't want the beads to look as though I piled as much as possible on them in efforts to make them look flashy. No, that wouldn't do. The balance of color and form within bead design is too important to me. The chosen elements must make sense and whenever possible, a motif (if used) must flow across the surface almost as though it has a life of it's own. I don't pretend to always nail it. I make more than my share of flops but in a perfect world, every bead that I make would have the perfect balance of form, movement and color. To bad our world is not perfect, huh?

The set that I'm working on now is called "Ruler of the Republic". I am not sure what people will think of them but they most certainly speak to my soul. . . I have had a fascination with Rome since I was child and this set was made with ancient Rome in mind. The color is absolutely striking. . .Hand mixed rich garnet and goldstone. . .pale trans brown and amber with black silhouettes inspired by the diadem of fresh laurel that adorned the head of Gaius Julius Caesar. I'll should be finished with the set later this afternoon and I hate that I must sell these beads BUT making beads is my living so I'll suck it up. . . :-) .

Now, off to ship some stuff. . .Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coming out of my funk. . .

Sorry for my long silence. Blogging for me can sometimes be difficult. I'm not sure why that is.

I've been in rare form for the past week or so. I've not felt well and my emotions have surged to straight jacket levels. I am happy to say that I'm feeling much better this week. Normally I try to have my auctions end in prime time hours on Sundays, so listings go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week, I won't have anything to list until Thursday. I've had other projects to work on and I'm a bit behind the eight ball.

Over the weekend I made a few small beads and focals that I plan to use for jewelry. I'm excited about that because I don't get to design very often. I plan to use them for tassels. Last week when I made the New Dawn Rose tassel, I realized that I am really at slim pickings on the Bali findings. . .I had to place an order for more and I can't wait to get them!! I'll be stalking the postman for the next few days. Maybe if I leave him some home baked treats, he'll deliver my silver faster. (LOL!! Like I bake or something.)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Edwin McCain

I have been a huge fan of this guys music since the day I purchased his "Messenger" CD several years ago. He writes his own music, as well as his lyrics. To me, there's just so much truth in his words and the music is brilliant. A true talent. . . I love this guy!!

I hadn't listened to in quite awhile and yesterday when I was cleaning, I came across his CD... covered in a bit of dust in my CD cabinet.

With recent passing of Memorial Day and Independence Day, the depth of the lyrics in "Prayer to Saint Peter" actually made me cry. I don't think I'd ever paid close attention to the song. I more so just kind of hummed along to it because the music was so beautiful and sweet.

So, I wanted to put the lyrics here for people to read. They remind me of those lost in battle as they fought our freedoms. So many of the lives lost were of youthful men who hadn't even had a chance to find out what life was all about and they are truly celebrated in this song.

"Prayer to Saint Peter"
Let them in Peter, for they are very tired.
Give them couches where the angels sleep and light those fires.
Let them wake whole again, to brand new dawns. . .
Fired by the sun, not war-times bloody guns.
May their peace be deep.
Remember where their broken bodies lie.
God knows how young they were to have to die.
Give them things they like.
Let them make some noise.
Give dance hall bands, not golden harps, to these our boys.
Let them love, Peter, for they've had no time.
Thy should have bird songs and trees, and hills to climb.
The taste of summer, and a ripened pear. . . And girls sweet as meadow wind and flowing hair.
And tell them how they are missed, but say not to fear.
It's gonna be alright, with us down here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Roman Bath House Beads

The picture posted on the left is of the ancient bath house that my mother in law visited while vacationing in Rome. I love the colors . . . They inspired the "Roman Bath House" set that I have up for auction on Ebay. . This is probably one of my personal favorite sets, to date. I really enjoy working with copper green, especially when encased.
Using copper green for this application proposed a bit of challenge. I needed a textured background in order to emulate a feel of ancient architecture. Translucent pink glass works very well for that look, when silver is incorporated but using it with copper green creates a potential problem if worked too long in the flame. Trans pink turns copper green to an olive color, so heavy layers of crystal vetrofond had to be used in order to protect the dots of copper green while keeping them fresh and vibrant looking. It took me about two days to get the exact look that I was after and I am very proud of this set of beads. I am going hate to ship them when the auction is over, BUT that's okay. . .I'll just have to make some more later. Maybe a small set for Marilyn's auction!!

James Allen Workman 1948 - 1989

Yesterday I had written about my father's life and posted it here. I decided to take the original post down. . .It's too much info and really, I wrote it because I felt that I needed to in order to really connect with his memory. It was therapy for me I guess. I kept it up overnight and that's enough.

Most of his life was filled with pain due to his illness. He was a good father and a loving man. He taught me many things and I am thankful for having him for the first 19 years of my life and now, I am thankful for the GOOD memories that he left with me.

He died in 1989. . .A year after receiving his transplanted heart his body continued to reject the new tissue and he passed away. The first few years were very difficult for me to get through. I grieved so hard and I felt so much guilt. . .Wishing that I'd done more for him while he was still living. . .Kicking myself for missed opportunities of spending time with him. I had to let him go for awhile in order to get past the grief. For years, I wouldn't allow myself to think of him much. When I did, I'd push his memory away. Now, his memory is back in the front of my mind again and the grief is as nearly as fresh as if he'd only been gone for a little while. I wish I had the strength to deal with losing him when I was younger so that I wouldn't have to revisit it again. Or, maybe what I am going through is normal. Maybe you never really get over losing a loved one.

The first picture is of my dad at age 12. . . He's the guy on the left in the next pic, my uncle is on the right. We were vacationing in Nags Head NC, which was my father's favorite place in the world. I'm the little girl in the background that didn't notice the camera. Looks like I just suffered a wipeout on my raft or something. I remember that day . .. It was a very good one.

The 3rd pic is of my dad at my Grandmother's house. It was taken years before he became so ill. He used to be a coach. . .He loved the children as much as he loved sports.

The last pic is my father in his last year of life. Obviously he is very ill in this one. My daughter Ashley is the baby that he is holding. I am so thrilled that two could meet before his passing.

Happy Father's Day Daddy. . .I miss you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ebay Error. . Roman Bath House

Last night when I listed this auction I was high on Pizza carbs. . .lol
This auction is actually for 24 beads, not 20. By the time I realized the error, I already had a bid so now I can't revise the auction. Sorry for the error!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tribal art

I admire those artist who can find a style and stick with it for awhile. I try to do that but I get so incredibly bored that I have to constantly change direction. Lately, I haven't felt very challenged at the torch because I seem to have run out of ideas. The round beads that I have been doing lately are a great deal of fun to make but I think I need a little change, even if only for a minute.

Last night I received a spam email that had something to do with tribal art tattoos. While I don't have one, I have always admired them. The graphic nature of their design never fails to make me think. I like their dramatic look. While they tend to be whimsical, many still maintain a symmetrical balance that harmonizes with the overall design concept.

The email drew me in, hook, line and sinker and I had to visit the site to look at the art. As I sat there clicking through each photo, I couldn't help but to wonder what they would look like on a bead.

I think I found my next challenge, now I can only hope that I don't pull my hair out trying to figure out how to do it. lol

Sunday, June 3, 2007


My newsletter list is really growing! Thank you to all that I have joined. I haven't sent one out in quite awhile but I do intend to do so very soon.

One of the reasons that I don't do it very often is because I don't want to feel like I'm spamming you guys with a bunch of emails. I also want to put something of interest in my newsletters and while I think my life is a wonderful one, it's not full of action.

Here's what I am thinking I'd like to do. . . Since many of you are jewelry makers by hobby, I think that I would like to start doing some tutorials on some of the jewelry that you see in my webstore. I am NOT at all guarded with my designs because I enjoy making the jewelry and I want to see more and more people enjoy the craft.

Beading and wire wrapping is a very soothing thing for me. As I've said before, I do it in my down time. I've created my share of "crap" in the past in efforts of finding my own personal style and what techniques create the most durable finished piece. I guess that's all a part of learning to make jewelry. So, if I can pass some of this along to some of you, it might save you a little time in trial and error.

Although I am no expert, I am pretty good at designing finished pieces. I've also been silver smithing for about two years. I'm fairly well versed in working with silver via cold connection too. I think that I want to start blogging a bit more about jewelry making. I would enjoy it and I hope that you will too. I also encourage you to ask as many questions here as you are comfortable in asking and I invite your comments if you have something special that YOU would like to share.

Recently I have been toying with some of my beads while they are up for auction. This is because I want to give a good illustration of what can be done with lampwork beads. You really don't need a ton of them in order to make a fantastic statement. . .

The picture above is a prime example of what I mean. While Egyptian Divinity was up for auction, I used the beads for this illustration. This design couldn't be more simple. Even if you are a beginner at wire wrapping, it's EASY. The design used 22 gauge half hard silver, domed disk bead caps, some large hammered jump rings (I made these but you can buy them in a lot of jewelry catalogs, if you do not do like to solder), 4 mm full hard jump rings, a lobster clasp and Thai silver charm. Not much of a materials list really and I think the design turned out great. I chose to use the hammered silver because I think it compliments the old world influence that inspired me to make the beads.
I didn't really want to go with a lot of "bling" for this one or even additional beads. I really wanted the lampwork to stand out and not be overstated by a bunch other stuff. I hated taking it apart but that's nothing new. I don't get the privilege of designing and selling finished pieces very often because my first love is in the making of the glass beads. Many of the sets that I list take a day to make. By that standard with the amount of time that I spend in my studio I should be able to produce at least 7 sets each week but it doesn't work that way for me. I am lucky to turn out 4 in a week. The rest of my time in the studio is spent screwing up. lol

Friday, June 1, 2007

Featured Artist for June, Annealer Mag

I am so excited to have been chosen for this month's featured artisan at the Annealer Magazine. Marilyn Peraza really has a way with words, the article is beautifully written and the layout is very nice. Thank you for the honor Marilyn & Staff!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cheesy bead set names . . .

I know the names come across a bit cheesy at times. If I could get by with it I would name them "Black and Ginger" beads or "Pink and Gray" beads. I suppose that would not be as much fun though. . .

I named this set "Egyptian Divinity" as a result of the influence that inspired the design. As a former muralist, I have done several Egyptian Tomb paintings. One of my favorites was of King Ramses tomb and it featured a life size depiction of "Isis". Her collar was turquoise, jade, gold and ivory and I thought it was just beautiful. I had always been intrigued by the headdresses, collars and jewelry worn by the Egyptian Deities as expressed in the tomb paintings. Anyway, that's a little info on the inspiration for this set of beads as well as a pretty good excuse for the cheesy name.

Guess I'd better go hit the torch. . . See ya again soon!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fairytales, Beads and Princesses

My inspiration comes mostly from memories of being a kid. Just like many before me, and after me, I aspired to be a princess when I grew up. I drew little pictures of princesses. . .They almost always had blond hair that fell around their feet and tall cone shaped Renaissance style hats with long flowing strings of silk that trailed behind her, gracefully blowing in the wind as she walked across the ballroom floor. (Don't know where the wind came from. I mean, she was in a ballroom during the Renaissance period and I am pretty sure that ventilation fans didn't exist in those days.)

The princess almost always had one single tear that fell from her eye, like Demi Moore in "Ghost". When asked by others as to why this single tear existed in the pictures, I always failed to offer a reason. I wasn't being stubborn, I quite simply did NOT know the answer.

Perhaps even as a child, I knew that with nobility came loneliness and sadness. . . A longing for something that their hearts were missing.

Living in a world where her dining room table is as long as a football field, she will never know what it's like to be arm's distance from the prince as he gazes into her eyes, holding her chin in his hand as he lovingly feeds her a chocolate dipped strawberry by candle light. She will never know what it's like to run barefoot through dew misted grass, or jump in mud puddles as the wet soil squishes up between her dainty little toes. Sadly, I am quite sure she'll never know what it's like to have several children pulling at her skirts as she kneads bread in her tiny kitchen on a warm Spring afternoon.

As a child, I envied her beautiful attire, perfectly groomed hair and sparkling jewelry. As an adult, I have decided to pay homage to her by making some beads that are well suited to be worn by her grace. . .

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ebay listings & errors in grammer.. .

Normally, I catch them before I they have bids. Which is cool because I can still correct them. The "Her Grace" auction was written as follows. . .
"Graceful and elegant in their design, this set of 13 fine lampwork beads offers a soft color pallet of minty copper green, tawny tones of sandstone and sparkling dichroic and goldstone detail"
I didn't notice my error until after I had bids so now I am stuck with my bad use of grammar and the embarrassment that comes along with it. Since I can't live with myself now, I'm never going to sell my beads on ebay again. I am going to start selling Amway instead. I think their stuff has prewritten descriptions. (I'm KIDDING!!!)

Speaking of Amway, do they actually sell stuff or do they just hassle every unsuspecting person that they come into contact with? I heard that they DO sell stuff but of all of the times I've been hassled by one of their people it has NEVER EVER been to get me to buy some of the stuff that they are supposedly selling. It's more so been about going to some lame meeting with money in hand, followed by twenty phone calls asking why I didn't show up. When I tell them that I didn't show up because I didn't recall committing myself to be there, they never fail to tell me what a GREAT opportunity I am missing out on.

I haven't been hassled by the Amway people in a long time but the memories are ever so sweet. lol

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

A victim of my own procrastination, I have worked myself to death trying to get ready for Taste of Carolina AND keep things going on Ebay. I knew that I was going to do TOC since last fall, but I waited till the last minute to get things ready. I think I was practically in a coma on Sunday, thanks to the all of the wine I overindulged at Saturday's festival.

It was fun though. We had a blast. I have to admit that I felt a little weird in the midst of so many people. I think that being such a reclusive person over that past year has made me a bit anxious in large crowds. Honestly, I don't know if it's really the crowd that makes me nervous or if it's just me but I tend to think it's the latter. I don't maintain myself the way I used to. Obviously, sitting at the torch for 8-12 hours a day is NOT good exercise and the flame doesn't exactly give you a pretty golden tan. lol

So, that's my new personal focus. I want to keep working hard, but I need to get back to being me. I need to find the time EVERY SINGLE DAY without excuse, to get on my elliptical for at least 20 minutes. I also need to stick to this diet. I have 15 lbs to shed. I can't blame that on the torch, I've packed on about 5 lbs per year for the past three years since I stopped being obsessive over my weight. I think I'll stay away from the tanning beds though. Besides, a golden tan will only enhance the chroma of the burn marks on my hands and arms.

You know what? I miss painting too and I miss gardening. As a newbie, lampworking and jewelry making on a full time basis means working round the clock. Last year flew by for me like no other year before it. That may be because I love what I do with such a passion. Like they say, "If you love what you do for a living, you'll never "work" a day in your life." Well, I DO love my job. I love melting glass and I love crafting things out of the glass that I make. It gives me a level of satisfaction that I never imaged possible with any other career or profession. Having a consistent gateway in which my creativity can flow has even opened up a spiritual conduit that allows me to see things in a different perspective today than I could have a year or two ago. Sounds strange, I know but it's none the less true.

I want to thank all of you that come here to read as I ramble and I want to thank those of you that have supported me as an artist. You guys keep me going and without you, I'd have no reason to want to push my artistic ability to the next level. So . . .Thank you all for your kind emails and encouragement because it means the world to me. Your words lift my spirits on even the grayest of days.

Most of all, I want to thank my husband. He is the absolute foundation of my happiness. He is my identical soul, and I am his. I shudder to think of my life without him, so I won't even go there. Instead, I'll just be thankful that somehow by the grace of fate, our 3,000 mile long path crossed and it was there that we found each other.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers for the Hokies

I was raised by Hokie fans and raised to love and respect this school. My heart and prayers go out to all of the family that lost loved ones yesterday as well as those who witnessed the events that took place.
My cousin Tyler is a 3rd year student at VT. He plays in the band. Last night I was glad to hear that he was fine. He showed up at school around 9:30 to locked doors and he was told to go home.

Motive still unknown. . . I can't imagine for the life of me what would trigger some one's mind to indulge mass murder. Where was the line in this guys head? You know what I mean, the line that most of us KNOW not to cross. Did he contemplate the line at all, or was it just absent altogether? No one will ever really know because the coward took his own life. Actually, now that I think about it, the latter statement tells me that he did see a line and he willing crossed it leaving many parents behind to morn the loss of their loved ones. He blew his own brains so that he would not have to be accountable for his actions. What a psychopath?

The press is having a field day. As I sat watching things unfold yesterday, I wondered how long it would be before they started looking for someone to blame. They were absolutely relentless in their lines of questioning to the students that witnessed the murders. It made me sick. Why would ask a question like, "Now, how has this impacted how you free right now? Do you think that the school was slow in letting you know that a killer was on the loose?" Now, while they may have a point about the timeline in letting these kids know about the murders, they could have at least given it a day or two before they started blaming the school. Some of these reporters remind me of opportunistic ambulance chasers. . . Always looking to make a buck by cracking a big story, checking their empathy at the door.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Air Raid Sirens!!!!


I live in a TINY community on the outskirts of a TINY town. The firehouse is a couple of miles from here. They use the air raid siren as means of letting all of the volunteers know to come to the firehouse for drills and fire calls. I hear this very loud siren sometimes three and four times each day.

Honestly, it doesn't bug me so much. . . My frustration is more focused on what it does to my dogs. They go NUTS every time the siren goes off. My very dominant male yorkie (Willie), especially. He goes into domestic violence mode and starts looking for my female (Tori) so that he can attack her, as though he thinks SHE is the one that sounded the ear ringing alarm.

So, this morning, here I sit . . .Doing my paperwork and eating my breakfast when the siren starts. Willie pops around the corner looking for Tori. I didn't know where she was so I quickly ran after him and scooped him up in my arms before he could open a six pack of whoop ass on her.

Now as if this wasn't a crazy enough situation as it were, she comes running out from under the bed and makes a b-line to the back door. She began to howl and it was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my life. I guess Willie doesn't like the way she "sings" so launching an attack on her when the siren goes off is the only way that he can spare himself of her terrible performance. LOL

Monday, April 9, 2007

Some new beads

I made these over the weekend. The pink ones are here if you'd like to bid. . . I know I started the bidding kind of high since there's not a lot of beads in this auction but here is why. . . These are large button beads (21mm). Each one took a minimum of one hour on the torch. I had to work them very slowly to keep the silver leaf fresh looking. I also used a bit of rubino which always has to be worked slowly if you want to maintain the color without boiling it or scorching it.

I love these beads and I hope that you do to!

This aqua and green bead set is the result of a custom order. A challenge and a half if I do say so myself. I didn't think I could do this on a 19mm button but I did and I now hate to let them go. lol

I hope my lovely customer enjoys them!

Mark . . .I love you.

An amazing smile, you have.
Since the day we merged our lives I have not wondered one single day if you REALLY loved me. Thank you for every single day, every single moment, every sweet whisper and every generous kindness that you have graced upon me. I promise to return it and never ever take it for granted. . . I promise to love and appreciate you until I draw my last breath.

Since I know you come here when you can, I wanted to let you know how lucky I feel to have you as my husband. I know that I have said it before, but incase I am ever bad at reaffirming it, please come back here and read this cheesy post. You are truly my hero. . .My savior. . .My love.

P.S. Thanks for not laughing at my newly reddened hair. . . Hopefully it will tone down in a couple of days and you won't have to keep gulping back the laughter in efforts of sparing my feelings. ;-).

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sick :-(

I was born with cardiomyopathy. Not a fun thing. Apparently I've been stressing a bit more than I should because the fun symptoms that come along with this heart disease has been kicking it big time for the past few days. This has been driving me nuts because I haven't been up to torching since Tuesday and I am NOT used to having to be still and rest. I can't stand it and I think having to rest made my stress level worse. I was thinking of all of the things I needed to be doing. If I don't work . . . I DON'T GET PAID! That concept makes me miss my old sick time and vacation day benefits. Anyway, I got back to torching a bit today, placed a silver order, a glass order and even did a bit of gardening. It was a nice day.

Poor Mr. Jingles bought the farm on Wednesday. My daughter cried for hours and then finally called to tell me that he was gone. She is broken hearted and I'm sad for her. I think the experience was a positive one for this young diva. She learned a bit about being responsibile for someone other than herself. She had to feed the little guy every two hours and keep him warm. She did her best and I am actually proud of her for helping make his last few days better. (I know, he's just a little mouse but was so darned cute!)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mr. Jingles

Nope! I do not have mice!! My daughter does though. The mouses mommy was ran over by a car in her boyfriend's mom's driveway and of course . . . . Ashley ran to the motherless child's rescue.

She brought "Mr. Jingles" over in a small fish bowl this afternoon. Normally, I don't think mice are much to look at. Especially when they try and sneak in through my drier vent, but this one was TOO cute! I lectured her about rodents and the diseases and all of that good stuff but she still wants to nurse him back to health. She's over 18 . . . What's human mom to do other than try and give a little sound advice. "ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP and only touch him if you are wearing sterile rubber gloves!! Then after you feed him take a HAZMAT shower." lol

Still I couldn't help but be mesmerised as he rolled around in the fish bowl. . . cleaning his ears and scratching his little butt.

Looks like Mr. Jingles has a new mommy. She went to wally world to get him some puppy milk. Hope it's not made by Menu Foods!!

New Focal Bead . . ."Synchronized Swimming"

First things first . . .I have a new bead! I pretty much torch 7 days a week, but today I decided not to. Instead, I did a bit of Spring cleaning. It was actually a nice change of pace. lol

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

She Devil

I love red! I finished these yesterday and I am actually very proud of them. They have an old world classical motif, but I think they also have kind of a modern feel to them.
Guess that's all I have time for. My mojo isn't working lately due to the massive decline in my market. I hate to be negative but as get ready to hit the studio I can't help but wish that I could just do something else today.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleepy Head

I am SO tired this morning. I say "morning" but it's actually almost noon. I did not sleep well last night and so far today I only have one eye open. The other is a bit lazy so I'm lucky I can see well enough to know what I'm typing.

This morning as I was folding clothes, I was not surprised to realize that I had 6 socks left over and none of them matched. I mean, they looked similar and stuff but each had something different about it that made it incompatible with any of the others. I hate that they are lonely and without friends. I shall wear them anyway . . . perhaps it will inspire a new bead. Ah YES!! A bead called "Mystery of the Missing Socks". Ha!! Grrrr. . . I hate the sock monster!! I know he is running around here somewhere and I'd venture to guess that he has six socked feet.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sun Kissed Nostalgia No. 4

I had a blast doing numbers 1, 2 and 3 in this series so I decided to take a stab at number 4 . . .

"Eye of the Beholder"

I have been working on this concept for weeks. I wanted and eye that had character. . . a colorful bead with lots of personality. I love the way it came out. I know it's kind of strange but beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder . . .

Black Magic Woman- Focal

I made this focal as a gift for the friend that inspired the creation of my "Black Magic Woman" beads. . . The set did very well at auction so this was the least that I could do for one who inspired such a successful idea. . .

Thank you Madame!!!

New beads

I have been looking around the net for some cool places to blog and this looks like a pretty awesome resource. I'm going to give it a shot and try to remember that it's here.

"Then We Shall Fight in the Shade". . . This bead was inspired by my love for the movie "300". The colors used in the film just totally knocked my socks off!