Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mr. Jingles

Nope! I do not have mice!! My daughter does though. The mouses mommy was ran over by a car in her boyfriend's mom's driveway and of course . . . . Ashley ran to the motherless child's rescue.

She brought "Mr. Jingles" over in a small fish bowl this afternoon. Normally, I don't think mice are much to look at. Especially when they try and sneak in through my drier vent, but this one was TOO cute! I lectured her about rodents and the diseases and all of that good stuff but she still wants to nurse him back to health. She's over 18 . . . What's human mom to do other than try and give a little sound advice. "ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP and only touch him if you are wearing sterile rubber gloves!! Then after you feed him take a HAZMAT shower." lol

Still I couldn't help but be mesmerised as he rolled around in the fish bowl. . . cleaning his ears and scratching his little butt.

Looks like Mr. Jingles has a new mommy. She went to wally world to get him some puppy milk. Hope it's not made by Menu Foods!!

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