Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleepy Head

I am SO tired this morning. I say "morning" but it's actually almost noon. I did not sleep well last night and so far today I only have one eye open. The other is a bit lazy so I'm lucky I can see well enough to know what I'm typing.

This morning as I was folding clothes, I was not surprised to realize that I had 6 socks left over and none of them matched. I mean, they looked similar and stuff but each had something different about it that made it incompatible with any of the others. I hate that they are lonely and without friends. I shall wear them anyway . . . perhaps it will inspire a new bead. Ah YES!! A bead called "Mystery of the Missing Socks". Ha!! Grrrr. . . I hate the sock monster!! I know he is running around here somewhere and I'd venture to guess that he has six socked feet.

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