Friday, March 30, 2007

Sick :-(

I was born with cardiomyopathy. Not a fun thing. Apparently I've been stressing a bit more than I should because the fun symptoms that come along with this heart disease has been kicking it big time for the past few days. This has been driving me nuts because I haven't been up to torching since Tuesday and I am NOT used to having to be still and rest. I can't stand it and I think having to rest made my stress level worse. I was thinking of all of the things I needed to be doing. If I don't work . . . I DON'T GET PAID! That concept makes me miss my old sick time and vacation day benefits. Anyway, I got back to torching a bit today, placed a silver order, a glass order and even did a bit of gardening. It was a nice day.

Poor Mr. Jingles bought the farm on Wednesday. My daughter cried for hours and then finally called to tell me that he was gone. She is broken hearted and I'm sad for her. I think the experience was a positive one for this young diva. She learned a bit about being responsibile for someone other than herself. She had to feed the little guy every two hours and keep him warm. She did her best and I am actually proud of her for helping make his last few days better. (I know, he's just a little mouse but was so darned cute!)


K.Leng said...

Hi Lydia! Hope u r feeling better. Speedy recovery **hug** ~ phoebe

eljbabette said...

Hi Ashton! I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so under the weather...I hope things turn around for you soon!

Aston, I love your work and I noticed there are no prices attached to anything. I was especially interested in "Synchronized Swimming." Should I be looking elsewhere for the prices? Here's my email, when you get the chance to reply:
Thank you so much! Spring has sprung!!!

AshtonJewels said...

Thank you Phoebe and Elly for the well wishes! I am much better this week.

Elly, I will send you an email. Sorry for it taking so long for me to get back to this blog to do updates. I will try much harder to stay on top of this going forward. :-)