Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ebay listings & errors in grammer.. .

Normally, I catch them before I they have bids. Which is cool because I can still correct them. The "Her Grace" auction was written as follows. . .
"Graceful and elegant in their design, this set of 13 fine lampwork beads offers a soft color pallet of minty copper green, tawny tones of sandstone and sparkling dichroic and goldstone detail"
I didn't notice my error until after I had bids so now I am stuck with my bad use of grammar and the embarrassment that comes along with it. Since I can't live with myself now, I'm never going to sell my beads on ebay again. I am going to start selling Amway instead. I think their stuff has prewritten descriptions. (I'm KIDDING!!!)

Speaking of Amway, do they actually sell stuff or do they just hassle every unsuspecting person that they come into contact with? I heard that they DO sell stuff but of all of the times I've been hassled by one of their people it has NEVER EVER been to get me to buy some of the stuff that they are supposedly selling. It's more so been about going to some lame meeting with money in hand, followed by twenty phone calls asking why I didn't show up. When I tell them that I didn't show up because I didn't recall committing myself to be there, they never fail to tell me what a GREAT opportunity I am missing out on.

I haven't been hassled by the Amway people in a long time but the memories are ever so sweet. lol

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