Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi All!!!

Hi all!! This past month has been a bit crazy. Recently my daughter moved back home. As a mom, I couldn't be more thrilled but it has taken a bit to get used to since I've been an "empty-nester" for a year now. She still kicks her shoes off in the middle of the floor and doesn't put them away unless I tell her to so I guess some things never change. Remembering to add junk food to the grocery list is also something that I am trying to get used to. BLECH. . .Real Pepsi with sugar and I can't seem to keep enough ketchup these days. Still yet, it is wonderful to hear the laughter again and her presence brings me great joy.

Now for a little "bead" talk. . . For awhile now, I have been thinking of switching over to 96 coe glasses. I've been playing with Reichenbach a bit and I have to admit that I am simply in awe of some of the colors they have to offer. The color density is so rich that it seduced me into placing an order for a bunch of it this morning. I can't wait till it gets here so that I can enjoy playing "get to know ya".

Lately I have been struggling with inspiration so I've been revisiting and updating old designs. Sometimes, I can find a really awesome new idea when I do that because I will have learned something along the way that will make the old designs look fresh and new. The silhouette style of beads that feature the black classic motif is one that I never wanted to let go of. I still felt that there was much that I could do to enhance the look but couldn't figure out just how to do it. I don't want the beads to look as though I piled as much as possible on them in efforts to make them look flashy. No, that wouldn't do. The balance of color and form within bead design is too important to me. The chosen elements must make sense and whenever possible, a motif (if used) must flow across the surface almost as though it has a life of it's own. I don't pretend to always nail it. I make more than my share of flops but in a perfect world, every bead that I make would have the perfect balance of form, movement and color. To bad our world is not perfect, huh?

The set that I'm working on now is called "Ruler of the Republic". I am not sure what people will think of them but they most certainly speak to my soul. . . I have had a fascination with Rome since I was child and this set was made with ancient Rome in mind. The color is absolutely striking. . .Hand mixed rich garnet and goldstone. . .pale trans brown and amber with black silhouettes inspired by the diadem of fresh laurel that adorned the head of Gaius Julius Caesar. I'll should be finished with the set later this afternoon and I hate that I must sell these beads BUT making beads is my living so I'll suck it up. . . :-) .

Now, off to ship some stuff. . .Have a wonderful week!!

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