Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October? Nuh uh.

As I stepped out this morning to go on my daily walk/jog, I couldn't believe how damp and warm the air felt. Is it really October? This is my most favorite month of the year. . . I look forward to the crisp-feeling, clean-smelling air that Fall has to offer. The nostalgia can be almost overwhelming on a 68 degree day in mid October. . .The cool air licking the back of your neck as sweatshirt cuffed wrists reach up to rub down the chill before it crawls down your back. The humidity that you loath has packed it's bags and retreated south, leaving only clear blue skies and puffy white clouds with sparkling silver linings. Falling leaves are a welcome distraction from the almost infinite skyline as they float slowly to the ground. The fact that they will need to raked is of little importance on a day such as this. . . Where the heck is this day? It's October 9th, yet it still feels that we are in the midst of the "Dog Days of Summer".

The would-be Autumn leaves even seem to be a bit confused. The Fall season is predicted to be exceptionally beautiful due the relentless drought that our region is suffering. It seems that the Maples and Oaks have not received the memo because they are still green. Not a fantastic green either but more of a sad, "Please give me water" green. Oh how I yearn for the vibrant yellows, reds and magentas! Today we are expecting to receive another record breaking day in terms of temperature. High of 93 degrees and NO rain in sight. On the upside, the bins at the Farmer's Market continue to flow over with homegrown tomatoes and yellow squash. :-)

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