Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Air Raid Sirens!!!!


I live in a TINY community on the outskirts of a TINY town. The firehouse is a couple of miles from here. They use the air raid siren as means of letting all of the volunteers know to come to the firehouse for drills and fire calls. I hear this very loud siren sometimes three and four times each day.

Honestly, it doesn't bug me so much. . . My frustration is more focused on what it does to my dogs. They go NUTS every time the siren goes off. My very dominant male yorkie (Willie), especially. He goes into domestic violence mode and starts looking for my female (Tori) so that he can attack her, as though he thinks SHE is the one that sounded the ear ringing alarm.

So, this morning, here I sit . . .Doing my paperwork and eating my breakfast when the siren starts. Willie pops around the corner looking for Tori. I didn't know where she was so I quickly ran after him and scooped him up in my arms before he could open a six pack of whoop ass on her.

Now as if this wasn't a crazy enough situation as it were, she comes running out from under the bed and makes a b-line to the back door. She began to howl and it was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my life. I guess Willie doesn't like the way she "sings" so launching an attack on her when the siren goes off is the only way that he can spare himself of her terrible performance. LOL


holdinyou07 said...

Hey mom, lol. I created a blog account. LOL TORI's picture is so adorable. I read ur blog about Mark, thats so sweet! Im glad he's my dad :-) Hes a great man momma. Yall where made for each other. I love you!

AshtonJewels said...

Awww . . .Thank you sweetie!!!! You know he loves you too. It would be very nice if you'd show your love by coming over to visit more often. :-)

holdinyou07 said...

I really like your "women are from venus" beads. They are gorgeous.

I wrote a new blog this morning. I should totally be a reporter.

AshtonJewels said...

Well thanks honey! LOL!!
I read it and it is very well written.

So you are just now realizing that journalism is your calling? Even after I told you 50 times and you said, "I like to write but I don't want to do that." "I love to drama but I don't think journalism is for me." In light of your coming to your senses, as the wise Mencia would say . . .

Dee. . .Dee . . .DEEEEEE!!! ;-)