Monday, April 9, 2007

Some new beads

I made these over the weekend. The pink ones are here if you'd like to bid. . . I know I started the bidding kind of high since there's not a lot of beads in this auction but here is why. . . These are large button beads (21mm). Each one took a minimum of one hour on the torch. I had to work them very slowly to keep the silver leaf fresh looking. I also used a bit of rubino which always has to be worked slowly if you want to maintain the color without boiling it or scorching it.

I love these beads and I hope that you do to!

This aqua and green bead set is the result of a custom order. A challenge and a half if I do say so myself. I didn't think I could do this on a 19mm button but I did and I now hate to let them go. lol

I hope my lovely customer enjoys them!

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